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How to manually import structured workouts to your Apple Watch or Garmin from TrainingPeaks
How to manually import structured workouts to your Apple Watch or Garmin from TrainingPeaks
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Connect TrainingPeaks to your Stryd account and Manually Sync Workouts to your Stryd Calendar.

About TrainingPeaks


TrainingPeaks creates endurance training apps and solutions that help athletes and coaches prepare the right way to reach their goals. Products include TrainingPeaks web and mobile apps for iOS and Android to help athletes commit to a clear goal, structure their training so they can work out smarter, and monitor their progress as they work toward their event goal. Additional TrainingPeaks products include WKO4 desktop software for cutting-edge scientific analysis and planning, and Best Bike Split’s predictive performance tools. TrainingPeaks solutions are used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® World Champions, Olympians, age-group athletes and coaches around the world. Learn more at

Note: If you have previously connected your TrainingPeaks account with Stryd, you must reauthorize the connection for workout sync to function. This means that you should first disconnect your account and then reconnect it. Follow the below steps to connect your Stryd account with TrainingPeaks to import structured workouts from TrainingPeaks to your Stryd account and Stryd Apple Watch app:

1) Open Stryd on your mobile device and choose Settings (Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner)

2) From the list of options, choose Connected Accounts.


3) Select TrainingPeaks from the list.


4) Follow the directions provided by the redirect to TrainingPeaks's website. When asked about permissions, allow the platform to send and receive data with Stryd.


5) When redirected back to the Stryd app, select your preferences for allowing workouts to import into Stryd and workouts to export to your training platform (NOTE: if your training platform is linked with other accounts such as Garmin Connect, Strava, Suunto App, etc., the "Export Activities To" function may result in workout duplications when toggled on).


6) Next, select ‘Manually Sync Workouts’. Stryd automatically syncs workouts from your TrainingPeaks account twice daily. If you recently modified a workout, that change can take several hours to appear on Stryd. For an immediate update, make sure to manually sync.


7) Open the Stryd App on the watch.
8) Select 'WORKOUT' right under the RUN button
9) Select 'Fetch Workouts'
10) Your workouts will then be imported onto your watch

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