My Apple Watch is not connecting to Stryd.

Stryd not pairing with Apple Watch. Apple Watch problem.

Updated over a week ago

When having any problems with your Apple Watch, it's best to try reinstalling the app on your Apple Watch.

Sometimes updates can be interrupted or negatively affect under certain situations. Let's try to minimize these risks by downloading the Stryd app again under different circumstances:

1. Restart your iPhone and Apple Watch.

2. Uninstall the Stryd app from the Apple Watch (leave the Stryd app installed on your phone)

3. Install the Stryd app from the Apple Store on your watch

4. Open up the Stryd app on your phone and go to settings > set up watch > Apple Watch to share the Bluetooth token.

Please make sure you have paired your Stryd pod to the mobile app. If you do not yet have a Stryd pod you will not be able to use the Stryd Apple Watch app.

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