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Does Stryd run data integrate with Apple Health? (Wrong Weight Settings)
Does Stryd run data integrate with Apple Health? (Wrong Weight Settings)

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Apple Health can push incorrect weight data to your Stryd account. All Stryd running data recorded through the Apple Watch Stryd app can be transferred to Apple Health. Runs recorded with the Stryd app on your iPhone will currently NOT transfer to Apple Health.

When setting up Stryd for your first run with Apple Watch, it is important to understand your settings. This is normally a manually adjusted setting, but Stryd can also receive this data from your Apple Health account if your permissions are set up. This way, you never need to worry about the height and weight settings of your Stryd. If you have this set up unintentionally, it could result in a change of your weight to the Stryd that you did not intend.

To make sure you have your configuration set up to meet your preferences:

1) Open your iPhone Settings.

2) Navigate to "Privacy".


3) Select "Health".


4) Select "Stryd".


5) Review what permissions you currently have enabled. If you typically monitor and actively update your weight through the Apple Health app, you can toggle "Weight" on so that your information is communicated to your Stryd pod. Please note we do not recommend toggling the weight on. If you do not actively use the weight aspect of the Apple Health app, Stryd recommends you toggle "Weight" off.


If you notice that running data saved to Apple Health from Stryd looks incorrect, you may want to read this support article: Apple Health does not properly use Stryd data

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