Apple Health does not properly use Stryd data
Updated over a week ago

When using the Stryd App on your Apple Watch to record your runs, data will transfer to the Apple Health app automatically. However, Apple Health does not use the pace and distance data as recorded by Stryd but relies on its own internal data (i.e. most likely distance data recorded by GPS). Therefore, the data shown in Apple's Fitness app will be different than what is shown in the Stryd app and 3rd party platforms like Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc.

The additional Stryd metrics such as Vertical Oscillation (VO) and Ground Contact Time (GCT) will not appear in Apple Health post-run.

If you need help with a weight and height settings issue on Apple Health, please see this support article: Does Stryd run data integrate with Apple Health? (Wrong Weight Settings)

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