Is my wireless charger working?
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If it appears as if your Stryd is no longer charging, go through the following steps to check if your wireless charger is still working as expected. Note that the light will not come on if the battery is more than 90% charged.

  1. Securely attach the micro USB cord to the wireless base and plug it into a USB port.

  2. Place the Stryd on the large, glossy side of the charger in the centermost circle. You can confirm that the Stryd is charging because you will see an orange light appear around the center "teardrop" of the Stryd.

  3. If Stryd appears not to be charging, try a different USB cable and USB outlet.

  4. If Stryd is still not charging, try a different power outlet as some appliances can interfere with charging. The most reliable outlet is the USB port of your laptop running on battery power.

  5. If the light does not come on, take Stryd off the charger for 30 seconds, and try again. Repeat as necessary. The light will not come on if the battery is more than 90% charged.

  6. You can test your wireless charger with a device that can be charged wireless (such as your phone, ask a friend or a colleague if your phone does not support wireless charging).

  7. You can also try to charge Stryd on any other wireless charger.

*Please note that the wireless charger can only be used with the previous generation Stryd. The new Stryd with wind detection cannot be charged using a wireless charger.

Contact us at [email protected] if your charger is working, but your Stryd is not charging.

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