Is my Stryd dead?
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Unexpected behavior may happen with your Stryd. If you are unsure, try the following:

1. Check your charger.

Place your Stryd in the wired charging cradle. If the light does not come on, try an alternative outlet or USB port. If the LED light is pulsing orange, then your Stryd is charging. Keep Stryd on the charger until you see the LED light turn solid.

2. If you cannot pair Stryd with the Stryd app on your phone.

Try to restart the phone by powering it off and then powering it back on. Check to see if you can connect to Stryd now using the Stryd app. If not, continue to the next step.

3. Install an app to verify whether Bluetooth is working on your Stryd.

Restart the phone and install a Bluetooth app to verify that your Stryd is functional. These apps are intended for developers but are a good way to determine whether the phone or Stryd is causing problems. For iOS, there is LightBlue Explorer and for Android, there is nRF Connect. Both apps allow you to scan for Bluetooth devices. If your Stryd is operational, it will show up in the list. Try with Stryd on and off the charger.

4. If Stryd shows up in step 4, there is something preventing a consistent connection between your Stryd and phone. Go through these steps.

If you need further assistance, contact [email protected].

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