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Why is my Stryd pod discharging faster than normal?
Why is my Stryd pod discharging faster than normal?
Updated over a week ago

There are two common causes for accelerated power drain.

  1. The Stryd pod is held in run mode by an app or watch, preventing it from sleeping.

  2. The Stryd pod has physical damage, typically caused by water intrusion or from being crushed.

To rule out the run mode, note that the Stryd pod will make a short blink pattern when a watch or app connects or disconnects from it. You may notice this blink happening at unexpected times. Take the pod and separate it from the phone or watch by taking it to another room. If it blinks, you have an unexpected connection.

  • If the problem is on your phone, you may try force closing the Stryd App.

  • If the problem is on your watch, you should make sure the watch does not have multiple connections to the same Stryd pod active at once.

  • If the watch supports ANT+, this connection should be used. If not, it is preferable to connect over BLE as a footpod.

Once you've tried correcting this issue, you can recharge the pod to full (when the LED stops pulsing and is held on), and try using it until the device is low on battery (when the pod starts to blink, rather than based on the battery health displayed in the phone app). Take notes of when you stopped charging and when it reached empty should you need to ask for support.

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