Stryd Live FAQ
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What was Stryd Live?

Stryd Live was a pace/distance only version of Stryd, intended for usage with Zwift Running.

Stryd Live reported pace, distance, and cadence.

Stryd Live is no longer available for sale.

Can I upgrade Stryd Live into a regular Stryd pod?

Yes, please contact us and we can help assist you.

Can I use Stryd Live outside?

Stryd Live works great on the treadmill with Zwift, but can also be used outside with either a compatible sports watch (such as Garmin Forerunner 735, etc.). You need to connect Stryd Live to your watch as a foot pod, and optionally force the watch to use Stryd Live for distance and pace.

There are apps for your phone that can be used to track your run data, and may allow use of Stryd Live as a foot pod. Many runners like iSmoothRun to record their activities, which can get pace and distance from Stryd Live (instructions to setup iSmoothRun with Stryd)

The Stryd phone app is currently not able to connect or record your run with Stryd Live.

The full featured Stryd offers power measurements, which allows runners to improve their training and performance using power.

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