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Compare Stryd data with Apple Watch, Garmin and Coros watch data
Compare Stryd data with Apple Watch, Garmin and Coros watch data
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Watches have many configuration options that can affect the pace and distance data shown on the watch. To understand whether the watch is recording the same data as Stryd, you can upload the Stryd data from your phone and compare the data. It is a complicated process, feel free to reach out to Submit a support request if you need assistance.

1. Upload the data from your Stryd pod with the Stryd app on your phone (offline sync). That way you can compare the data recorded by the watch with the raw data from Stryd. The offline sync will upload all the data saved on your pod. Set up a secondary Stryd account with a different email address to avoid duplication of your data. Manually uploading data to your Phone and PowerCenter

2. Stryd starts and stops recording data based on motion, it is not controlled by the watch. Stryd and watch data will look different.

3. Open in a browser window on your computer. Duplicate the tab and open watch data in one tab, and Stryd data in another tab (if you set up a secondary Stryd account, you need to log out, log in with the correct account details). You must manually select the segment of Stryd data that matches the watch. This can be challenging. Make sure that moving time is (almost) identical and that you selected the exact matching segment (you can use power values to match). Below is an example of watch data that is different than Stryd data by 1.3%.

Watch data:


Stryd Data (notice that it has been cropped)

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