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Why can I not connect with my Stryd with wind detection?
Why can I not connect with my Stryd with wind detection?
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The new Stryd with wind detection is high-quality and unlikely to have any hardware or software defects.

Stryd is often contacted by customers that cannot connect to their Stryd with their phone or other devices. The most common reason this happens is that another device or app is already actively connected to your Stryd.

Stryd only supports one active Bluetooth connection at a time. That means that only one app or one device can communicate with Stryd at once (Stryd can have pairings with many devices but only one device can be actively connected). These connections can be established without you knowing it. We have seen that watches actively connect with Stryd even when the watch is not used.

This active Bluetooth connection has two effects:

1. The battery will drain in about 24 hours when Stryd is not on the charger.

2. No other device or app can find or connect with Stryd.

You can easily figure out if that is happening in your case:

1. Switch off all Bluetooth devices with 100 meters of your Stryd. Stryd will flash when the active Bluetooth connection is broken, indicating that it is now available again for another device.

2. If you cannot find the device that is actively connected, switch off your phone and take your switched-off phone and Stryd for a walk, leaving all your other devices behind. Walk at least 100 meters from your home while looking at your Stryd. Stryd will flash when the active connection is lost. After you have walked 100 meters, switch on your phone while looking at your Stryd (in the unlikely event that Stryd flashes, an app connected to your Stryd). Open up the Stryd app and you will be able to connect to your Stryd.

3. If steps one and two work, you still need to find out which device is connecting to Stryd without you knowing it. A likely source is your Garmin watch (make sure to only pair Stryd through ANT) as well as your Polar watch. If you need help finding the culprit, contact support for assistance

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