What model Stryd do I have?
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The first Stryd, launched in 2015, was a chest strap based power meter.

In 2016, Stryd introduced the first foot pod. You have the first generation foot pod if the hardware model number is 2 up to 13.

In 2019, Stryd with wind detection launched. You have Stryd with wind detection if the hardware model is 14 up to 25

In September of 2022, the next gen Stryd was introduced. You have the latest version of Stryd if the hardware model is 26 or higher.

If you see references to Stryd version numbers (V2, V3, V4, etc.) be wary. Versions numbers do not exist and may not accurately describe the Stryd model. The latest generation of the Stryd foot pod is the next gen Stryd.

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